Monday, August 1, 2011

20 Reasons Why Businesses Don't Succeed at Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is considered to be an intangible process that will handle itself once it is implemented and new businesses--especially local, smaller ones—do not monitor this type of operation. Disregard for such a useful resource proves the company is not using the full potential of internet marketing and the opportunity to increase profits.

One of the most important causes of failure in businesses is the lack of an Internet Marketing Plan designed to show the results of their marketing efforts. Since this essential procedure is not part of the daily routine that keeps most of the staff members occupied, it is usually overlooked by most companies.

At this point, the main objective of an Internet Marketing Consultant is to educate business owners on how to profit from benefits of internet marketing. After examining their existing plans, it is usually obvious they are not using the available features of social media marketing to get targeted leads for new customers and maintain segmented info on past clients also.

  1. Not having a Internet Marketing Plan
  2. Not monitoring internal marketing systems in position
  3. No knowledge of the advantages of latest technology
  4. Not optimizing their database (collecting personal and buyers data)
  5. Not capturing customer details
  6. Not target or geomarketing
  7. Thoughtless ads with no call to action and poor headlines
  8. No Unique Selling Propositions (USP)
  9. Failing to calculate the cost of losing or keeping a customer
  10. Not having a referral process or system
  11. Not staying in touch with customers once a month
  12. Failing to ask customers for feedback regularly
  13. Not reactivating past clients
  14. Failing to use testimonials
  15. No back-end products prepared
  16. No joint venture deals in place
  17. Not using risk reversals to increase conversions
  18. Failing to upsell, downsell or cross sell
  19. Sending brochures without a sales letter
  20. Poor telephone manners
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Josh Charlesworth said...

Great post. I particularly enjoyed the 20 points at the end of your post. I noted a few of these points weren't IT related, perhaps as you'd expect for Internet businesses. Rather they were customer service related, something which is often overlooked.

Enjoyed the read. Thanks.

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